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PTSD Research

1. What three most important consideration related to sampling that I would need to test PTSD?
2. How can I ensure my sample represents the PTSD population?

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1. What three most important consideration related to sampling that I would need to test PTSD?

The U.S. Departmernt of Veterans Affairs Office of Research & Development in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health and the U.S. Department oi Defense outlines the science of clinical trial design and analysis, PTSD measurement, and trial of study design with implementation. The most important considerations related to sampling are outlined in a 19-page document entitled, "Advancing Research Standards for PTSD, Interventions + Suggested Approaches for
Designing and Evaluating Clinical Trials." PTSD is a serious condition, and one must be fully informed and careful when working with such populations.

Although it is recommended that you review the entire manual, including other links below, the most important considerations to test depends on your research. What do you want to test? What are the goals of your findings? In terms of sampling, their suggested approach, "ensures feasible and sufficient subject recruitment, enrollment and adherence to recruitment strategies, which are a variety of strategies relating to:
(1) sample characteristics,
(2) site selection and retention,
(3) subject recruitment, and
(4) communications that should be considered.

What is your rationale?

Rationale: (1) Sample characteristics. Sample size calculations should be based on reasonable of sample, attrition rates. Prior to enrollment, the assumptions; e.g., effect size, variability following should be evaluated:
(a) Availability of the sample and
(b) The impact of 12 Advancing Research Standards for PTSD Interventions inclusion/exclusion criteria. Reasons for ...

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Solution discusses at least three most important considerations related to sample testing PTSD, and ways to ensure the sample represents the PTSD population.