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The impact of stress on the human body and ideas for stress management

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What impact does stress have on the human body? How can stress be managed?

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Theorist Hans Selye studied the links between stress, mental problems, difficulties adjusting, physical health problems and disease. He discovered that the same things that help us cope with stress can also lead to disease. When our bodies and minds respond to stress, the reactions remain with us for a long time even if we are able to cope with them. When Selye did experiements with pigeons who experienced a great deal of stress he found that many of the pigeons died after he did the experiments with them, even if they were able to cope. He identified several conditions that he labeled "diseases of adaptation" including peptic ulcers, high blood pressure, heart ailments and "nervous conditions.

As a result of Selye's work it has been relaized that stress can lead to physical health problems or illness in several ways. An indirect link between stress and physical health problems may have to do with people who engage in potentially harmful behaviors as a way to deal with stress. Many people consume alcoholic beverages and/or smoke when they are stressed. Both behaviors can be harmful to your health. Drinking alcohol is especially dangerous when you drink and drive. People who are heavy smokers tend to believe that smoking makes them relaxed when thye are under extreme stress but excessive ...

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This solution provides a discussion of the impact stress has on the body. It also discusses the ways in which stress can be managed.