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Broader Stress

Looking at Broader Stress

1.Are there particular individuals in life who help cope with stress? you believe that psychological stress seemed to play a role in the onset of physical illnesses such as a cold or flu?

3.Can you think of ways that stress can be an adaptive response in non-human animals?

4.Can you think of any stressful situations that are particular to the modern world?

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1) Yes there are. There are traditional people who can help you cope with stress such as therapists, counselors, psychologists. But many other people can help such as yoga instructors who can teach stress reducing yoga poses, a naturopath who might be able to recommend herbal remedies for stress. A good friend that you can have a chat with when you are stressed is good to have, as is a supportive family system, or even member of clergy (priest, rabbi, imam). All of these people have ideas on how to deal with stress, and how to guide you or give you techniques on ...

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Psychoneuroimmunology is applied to stress.