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    effects of the stability of employment, inflation, and GDP

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    Discuss the effects on the stability of employment, inflation, and GDP as a result.

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    This is a very broad issue. What we're doing here is looking at important macroeconomic indicators and seeing their effect on the broader economy over time (at least that's what I think your question is stating).

    Let me give you a few ideas. We can start with some references that will organize your thoughts:
    Take a look at this one from the UN ? it is perfect because it deals with these things as general indicators: http://www.un.org/esa/desa/papers/2005/wp1_2005.pdf

    Stress this: unemployment is tightly related to inflation (and therefore, interest rates). Really, the ...

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    This solution clearly identifies effects of the stability of employment, inflation, and GDP. References are also listed to promote research.