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Personality Theory and Forest Gump

Apply a personality theory to the character of Forest Gump.

Provide an introductory description of your theory and your rationale for choosing it.

Fully analyze the character's personality according to the theories you selected.

Analyze how internal and external factors influence the character's personality in the context of your theory. These factors might include biological, societal, and cultural influences.

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As you briefly analyze the character's personality according to the theories you selected, I choose the Five Factor Model of Personality to assess Gump's overall character. This theory basically assumes the presence of a the big five model with five bipolar scales as demonstrated by some of the following extremes:

Extraversion vs. Introversion
Confidence vs. Sensitive
Detail conscious vs. Unstructured
Tough-minded vs. Agreeable
Conforming vs. Creative

The OCEAN acronym is also associated with this theory:

Openness to experience

In short, ...

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Brief notes are given to correlate tenets of Personality Theory to Forest Gump's character.