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When would you need to modify a personality or cognitive assessments?

A description of a situation in your specialty area (or work setting) in which you might need to modify an existing test of either cognitive ability or personality (e.g., Wechsler, MMPI), and an explanation of how you would modify it. List references.

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Tests that measure cognitive ability are not intended to be modified. These tests are given to students and other individuals to obtain a true and accurate measure of their cognitive abilities. Students that are tested are usually tested to see if they qualify for special education services. The results of the test determine what type of special education services the student would most benefit from. This can be resource room, one on one Para-pro's or placing the student in a self contained classroom. There are however times when the student has already been placed in special education and are tested to obtain new ...

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This solution is comprised of over 350 words with references on when and how to modify cognitive or personality assessments/tests. Includes examples of different modifications.