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    Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach

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    Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach

    1) Discuss the effectiveness and the limitations of the Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Approach
    2) Include relevant information on teaching social skills
    3) What considerations are important to consider when developing curriculum, approaches, and assessments.

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    Teaching social skills was once the bastion of the institutions of family, school, community and the Church. This model of social modeling has for many reasons declined, and there are a significant number of persons who lack adequate skills in this relevant area. This is most evident when actions and student behavior is observed in the structured setting of school. There has been repeated failure in behavior modification in teaching social skills, cognitive skills, as well as structured learning for a growing number of students. An approach of Cognitive Behavior Intervention (CBI) can be implemented with the goals of developing effective curriculum and defining more accurate assessments for student performance.

    Cognitive behavior intervention has a lot in its favor. It is simple to devise and deliver expected learning outcomes, and has the support of modalities of other treatment models used in psychotherapy. This is important because, combined with the therapeutic process, CBI has been used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders, manic-depressive episodes, ...

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