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    Pain Perception, Context, and Situation

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    I would like some thoughts on the following example: a person loses his/her spouse and must get through the funeral before having the time and energy to feel the pain of loss. Does context or situation play a role in this kind of pain as the injured runner?

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    I think that this situation plays a very strong role in this kind of pain as the injured runner, due to the fact that this type of situation calls for a great deal of planning and activity in respect to planning a funeral as well as the supplemental activities that accompany a funeral procession. Due to this factor, the individual that is experiencing the loss is so busy at the present time that they can't accurately process the gravity of the loss that they have experienced. In addition, during this phase shortly after the loss the individual is still in a form of shock or disbelief at the loss in most cases, which contributes to the ...

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    The expert examines the pain perception, context and situation. Whether the context or situation plays a role in this kind of pain as the injured runner.