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Attribution and Interpersonal Perception

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A firm in New York is interviewing two people for a corporate-level position. One of the people is a native of Los Angeles, and the other is a native of the deep south of the United States. If the resume and qualifications of each is equal, regardless of whom the company chooses for the position, how will each candidate explain/justify why he or she did not get the position?

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This solution discusses the Attribution theory as it relates to the assignment of behaviors to others.

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Research shows that based on the attribution theory, people tend to attribute their own behavior more to a specific situation, while they more often attribute the behavior of other causes (e.g., ,personality traits). Thus, relative to workplace attributes, attributions are ways to provide causes for a person's success and/or failures (Martinko, MHarvey, & Dasborough, 2011, p. 144). As Martinko et al point out, just as rewards and punishment influence behavior; likewise attributions also influence behavior. For example, another major conclusion that has been drawn relative to the attribute theory is that individuals ...

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