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    Humanistic Approach and its Application to Counseling

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    Discuss Client-Centered therapy (humanistic)

    I grew up in a home with a lot of abuse, mostly I sat and was made to watch my step dad, beat my mom and my brother and 3 sisters, I am the youngest of the 5 of us. I had great regret for not being able to do any thing, (I was 3 years old when this had started) however, when I became a teenager, I did many drugs to hide the pain of being molested and raped as a child as well. I do feel that I have dealt with theses emotion. However, I feel this anxiety when my son turns all the ages that something bad had happen to me at the same age. Could you help me using Client-Centered therapy and how?

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    Abraham Maslow (the father of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs) is recognized as the father of humanism which focused on the "self." Unlike the two other schools of psychology, Humanistic theorists believe that a person chooses his or her behavior and that one's actions are not only a result of what's happening in their sub-conscious, but more importantly those actions are shaped by personal experiences. According to the humanistic approach to psychology the human needs must be achieved in order as stated in the Hierarchy of Needs. Therefore, according to a humanist, the feeling of anxiety that you keep getting ...

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    A thorough look into how the humanistic approach is used to treat an abused client.