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Cognitive Theories

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What are cognitive theories? Can someone pick one cognitive method and discuss the approach, skills, and technique used in the theory? What population would benefit from this cognitive method form of therapy?

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Please allow some of my notes to spark your responses:

As you first define these theories, please note that they look at how humans function psychologically in terms of cognitive, personal, social, emotional behavioral, environmental influences and other factors. These theories reiterate how cognition plays a major role in humans' ability to adapt, construct reality, self-regulate, perform behaviors, etc. These theories are vital for better understanding, predicting, and changing human behaviors.

As you select one method, please note that the topic is so vast. I chose the Humanistic approach as a model. Please note how these techniques focus on the underlying belief that human behaviors are shaped by innate drives. Therefore, this approach tries to seek clients' internal motivations in order to lead the clients toward growth. This theory looks at issues of clients' interpretations of the world. They approach is quite personable and personal in its execution.

Treatments try to ensure that the sessions are human encounters, not just theoretical rambling. The ...

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One method of therapy is assessed in terms of application.