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Comparison & Contrast of Treatments: Sensorimotor Disorders

I need assistance regarding the treatment of a sensorimotor disorder. Can you compare and contrast the different approaches to treating the disorder that can be identified as it relates to its effectiveness of treatment? Discuss and challenge underlying treatment disorders.

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Dear Student,

Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. I understand that this kind of task could be challenging. With this in mind, you should build an outline to use as a reference point. So, I suggest this outline:

1. Sensorimotor disorder - what is it about?
2. Forms of Treatment - introduction
3. Treatment one
4. Treatment two
5. Comparison and contrast the treatments
6. View - your own idea on the challenge and the effectiveness of treatment

The thing is, there is a host of sensorimotor disorders - it is not just one. This means you will have to choose from them and then focus on that alone. You cannot choose all as this will require a far longer answer. For this particular solution, I have chosen the 'restless limbs syndrome,' a type of sensorimotor disorder. If you want to do further research, you can use the listed resources. Good luck with your studies.

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Sensorimotor Disorders

Sensorimotor disorders refer to neurological disorders (a disorder of the central nervous system) that are characterized by difficulties of processing and accurately responding to sensory information and triggers derived from/about the environment one is in and from one's own physical body. As such, because of the disconnect, the body reacts in a problematic manner, either as a form of problematic action or the absence of reaction/action which is contrary to typical/normal sensory-motor action/reaction combinations when normal people are faced with the same stimuli. To truly understand the relationship between the sensory system and the motor system (muscles, bones) of the body, we can use this LearningRX explanation (2010):

"Sensory motor integration is the synergistic relationship between the sensory system and the motor system. Since the two communicate and coordinate with each other, if one is problematic, the other can suffer as a result. The two involve receiving ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise on the topic of treating sensorimotor disorders. First, these disorders are defined/explained and different approaches utilized to treat them are compared and contrasted in terms of effectiveness. Resources are listed fir further exploration of the topic.