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Case study: Depressed patient

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This case study is assessed:

"Gerry is a tall and lean 64-year-old male pacing the floor at the cardiologist's
office. He has been experiencing severe chest tightness and shortness of breath for
several days, but has not told his wife because her father recently passed away from
a massive heart attack. She is still mourning the loss. Gerry's cardiologist has just
told him that he needs a cardiac catheterization. Gerry squeezed this appointment
into his busy schedule as a real estate broker for a commercial real estate company
in Boston. He now wonders if all of the extra time at the office he put in to climb up
the ladder of success was worth it."

The solution then explains which psychological preparation method would be most appropriate for the patient based on his or her background, coping style, and behaviors.

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With the condition of the husband, the wife must be notified. There is no way that this kind of information can be hidden from the others in a family. Psychologically, the patient should be dealt with sensitively. However, withholding ...

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Case study: Depressed patient

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