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    Therapy for a Post-Heart Attack Depressed Client

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    I will be doing role play as a Psychologist.....
    Therapist with a female heart attack patient who has become depressed.
    Any advise and direction as to what to say or not will be greatly appreciated.

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    Post- heart attack depression is actually very common and a psychologist should take it very seriously. In fact, "people with post-heart attack depression are two to three times more likely to have another heart attack or to die prematurely compared with survivors who don't have depression (The Harvard Medical School, 2006)".

    In the role play, you may or may not want to ask the patient to recount the story of their heart attack. It highly depends on the therapeutic technique that you are choosing to use for this class project. For instance, a Psychodynamic approach focuses on past experiences to determine why someone feels or behaves the way they do. On the other hand, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) does not delve into the past. Instead, it looks at how the client thinks about a situation and how this affects the way he/she acts. I would recommend using ...

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    This solution describes how a therapist may approach a client suffering from depression after a heart attack.