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Psychosocial and Family Issues of the Character Hannibal Lecter

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What are the psychosocial and family Issues of the character Hannibal Lecter? Please explain these issues from a clinical perspective.

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The solution explains the psychological and family issues that the character Hannibal Lector has due to his past and names the key components of Hannibal's personality that reflect these issues. The explanation is provided in 384 words with one reference.

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The suggestion in the movie Hannibal Rising is that Hannibal's psychopathy began in childhood due to the cruelties he sustained at the hands of the German army who occupied his country. For instance, he witnessed his parents being killed by German soldiers leaving him and his sister alone and fending for themselves. After being alone for a time, they run into another pack of soldiers who kill and cannibalize his sister forcing him to eat also. The movie indicates that he stopped talking for five years after these events.

These childhood traumas had ...

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