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Assessment of Fictional Characters

Use the DSM-IV-TR Multiaxial System as you assess and diagnose a fictional character. This character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature of your chose. Demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriately.

The pages should include the following elements:
I. Introduction
• A description of your client (e.g., this character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature.)

II. Background Information
• A description of your client's presenting information
• A brief description of additional individuals (family, other professional positions, etc.) you might include as part of your assessment
• An explanation as to why you would include additional individuals in this assessment

III. Five-Axis Diagnosis
• A five-axis diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR

IV. Risk and Resilience Factors:
• An explanation of your client's risk and resilience factors.

V. Psychosocial and Family Issues
• An explanation of any psychosocial and/or family issues your client may present.

VI. Career and Vocation
• An explanation of any career or vocational issues your client may be experiencing.

VII. Legal and Ethical Issues
• An explanation regarding any potential legal or ethical issues concerning assessment and diagnosis of your client.

VIII. Continued Assessment
• Provide an explanation whether a continuing assessment is necessary and justify your explanation.

IX. Follow-up Recommendations for Treatment
• A description of proposed recommendations for your client based upon assessment and diagnosis.
• A justification for proposed recommendations

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The character I chose was Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. If you do not want to use him, then you can adjust this for whichever character you feel would be more appropriate or interesting to you.

I. Introduction
Sheldon Cooper is a physicist working at a university in Los Angeles. He lives with his roommate, Leonard, who is also a physicist, though in a different discipline. He is in his 30's, of Caucasian ethnicity and is has been dating the same woman for the last three years. He is from Texas, is close to his mother, and has no religious affiliation.

II. Background Information
• Sheldon does repetitive behaviors such as needing to knock three times every time he is at someone's door. He knocks and then each time it is followed by the person's name. For example, at his neighbor's door he would knock and then say "Penny" and do that three times in a row. He has a specific spot he needs to sit in on the couch and becomes very agitated when someone else sits there. He needs to eat the ...

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The assessment of fictional characters are given. A description of client introductions are given.