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Applying Counter-Conditioning to Humans

Systematic Desensitization involves gradually exposing a pet to the situation, without provoking the unwanted reaction. Through this process, we reduce the strength of a response (i.e. fear) to a certain stimulus. For example, my dog fears big dogs. By desensitizing my dog to bigger dogs, I can reduce his fearful response to big dogs.

To do this, I would gradually expose my dog to low levels of the fearful stimulus, in this case bigger. So at first, I might let my dogs see bigger dogs from a distance that does not have him be fearful. Then, I will gradually bring him closer and closer to the bigger dogs while petting him and making him feel safe, until he doesn't feel fear.

How might we apply counter conditioning to humans? Please provide an example.

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Counter conditioning is "a type of therapy based on the principles of classical conditioning that attempts to replace negative or emotional responses with more pleasant adaptive responses." This can be applied to humans in several ways. For example if someone were to replicate John ...

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