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    Potentialities of the human genome project

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    Describe two positive potentialities of the human genome project, and one negative possibility. Please expand:

    According to this website http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/home.shtml the goal of the project is to identify the 20,000-25,000 genes in human DNA.

    There are many positive aspects:
    - if people have genetic diseases, knowing what genes cause the disease can then be used to administer a gene therapy to replace the defective genes

    - another benefit would be to parents who want to have children. If one has a genetic disease, then the disease could be passed on to their children. If the human genome is identified, the the parents can map their genetics, and make sure that their children do not inherit the disease.

    A negative issue revolved around the fact that everyone can know your genetic makeup. Insurance companies can refuse to insure people if they know that in 50 years they will get cancer. People might not get hired for a job if employers can have access to their genetic makeup. People might be scared to live their life if they know that in 30 years they could get a horrible genetic disease.

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    Concerning your first point:
    Yes, there is the potential that gene identification will make gene therapy possible. However, consider the promise verses the result. We have been promised this for decades; and, in fact, thousands of genes have been identified for decades as well. Has the identification of genes brought lots of gene therapy treatments on the market to help patients deal with debilitating genetic disorders? If you look at the facts, then you will find out that the answer is no. So, although it sounds nice, it hasn't panned out yet, even when lots of genes had been known.

    Concerning your second point:
    About the only way for parents to make sure that their children do not end up with certain abnormal alleles is to abort the child once it is discovered that the baby has the potential for the disorder. From ...