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    Early and Late Adolescence - Mental Health Counseling

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    For this discussion, you will be asked to observe someone who is in the early adolescence stage of development. To best simulate the experience of sitting with your client for the first time, the individual that you select to observe should be someone you are not acquainted with. This discussion activity requires you to only observe; do not speak with or interview the individual.

    Based on your observations, what elements related to development could you identify from your observation? It may be helpful to observe within a social context such as a mall or other context where early adolescent individuals spend their time. Be sure to focus on what you can learn about physical changes, social interactions, relationships, peer groups, decision making, emotional maturity, and any cultural contexts (ethnic, gender, age, popularity, et cetera) that you observe.

    Include at least one reference to the professional literature to support your work.

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    Developmental trajectories of depressive symptoms from early childhood to late adolescence: gender differences and adult outcome. By: Dekker, Marielle C.; Ferdinand, Robert F.; van Lang, Natasja D. J.; Bongers, Ilja L.; van der Ende, Jan; Verhulst, Frank C. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry. Jul2007, Vol. 48 Issue 7, p657-666.

    Observing youth from a different culture allows counselors the ...

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