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Developmental Psychology for Determining Behavior

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Read the case study on pages 364 to 366 titled "Case 7. Disparate Information for Evaluating Trainees." After reading the case study, consider the ethical dilemmas associated with the case, then choose two of the nine discussion questions to respond to in your post. Try to choose different discussion questions than your peers to expand the level of analysis in the case.

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This solution provides a review for applying developmental psychology in a business.

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2. Who are the stakeholders and how will they be affected by how Dr. Vaji resolves his dilemma?

Consider the main stakeholders are the student's under Leo, the department, and peers that strives for excellence in their sessions. The stakeholders are critical in receiving the highest level of professionalism across the board, thus, the review into the matter is warranted for D. Vaji to ensure proper protocol. Dr. Vaji must consider the stakeholders expectations of excellence and accountability, no matter, the decision on removing the ...

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