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Communication and self esteem

Why is communication critical to developing self-concept and self-esteem?

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Why is communication critical to developing self-concept and self-esteem?

Depending upon when self-concept and self-esteem are introduced as a communication tool, you might find a greater impact than others. For example, learning about self-esteem as an adolescent, or any time before becoming a teenager, can help that child become a more confident student in school and a more successful member in their community. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught self-concept or self-esteem as a youngster, which can cause them to have issues with attitude, confidence and assertiveness.

Developing those skills does not happen on its own, which is why communication is essential to make sure that concepts are adopted properly. Sure, you can read about the idea of self-esteem. But, by the time you are able to grasp it on your own and truly appreciate its value, someone should have taught you about its benefits. That is why ...

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"...they are more apt to experience issues involving insecurity in certain situations, or even lack confidence in environments that could easily be beneficial. Think about it: if you never talked to your child about being proud of their work and taking pride in what they do, they are more likely to believe that their efforts are less than satisfactory."