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The differences between psychodynamic and humanistic psychological theories

Compare and contrast psychodynamic and humanistic/existential psychological theories. Address the following:

Describe the role of personality in affecting situational behavior.
Examine the personality characteristics attributed to each theory in your approach.
Explain the interpersonal relational aspects associated with the theories selected.

Include a reference page with a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources

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Personality has a tremendous role in affecting situational behavior, largely due to the fact that the patterns of behavior that we display are based upon our personality traits, and these behaviors that are displayed different in direct correlation with the situation in which an individual finds themselves within. Due to this factor, an individual's personality will cause that individual to react and display unique patterns of behavior that are based upon that individuals personality characteristics or traits, which will cause this individual to react differently in different situations than other individuals. This will also cause this individual to adapt their behaviors to differing situations in a different manner than other individuals as well. Personality also affects situational behavior, due to the fact that individual personality traits also dictate or strongly affect the emotional states of individuals. What this essentially means is that individuals with differing personality traits and characteristics would tend to display differing levels of emotions based upon the situations that they face, which may cause these individuals to behave in vastly different ways in reaction to those situations as well. Due to this factor I individual that has a more relaxed and less aggressive personality may react to an emergency situation in a calm and less emotionally attached method, whereas ...

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This solution describes the differences between psychodynamic and humanistic psychological theories.