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About Albert Bandura & Social Learning Theory

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How has Albert Bandura contributed to the existing research pertaining to learning theories? Describe Albert Bandura's theory and contributions to existing research. In addition, provide an example of how people can apply this theory in the past and how are people using it today.

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On Albert Bandura

Considered among the most innovative psychological theorists of our time, Canadian-American psychologist Albert Bandura was born in 1925 and earned his BA at the University of British Columbia. He completed his PhD. in psychology at the University of Iowa in 1952 and has been attached to some of the most groundbreaking psychological experiments (including the 1961 BOBO doll study) in relation to social learning. He is concurrently a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. In his Faculty Biography, his area of study is described as such - "Analysis of basic mechanisms of human agency through which people exercise control over their level of functioning and events that affect their lives. One line of research is concerned with how people regulate their own motivation, thought patterns, affective states and behavior through beliefs of personal and collective efficacy. A second line of research examines the paramount role of self-regulatory mechanisms relying on internal standards and self-influence in human self-development, adaptation, and change. These mechanisms are studied in the areas of sociocognitive development, affect regulation, ...

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