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A Milan Systemic Therapy Model

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Can someone help me with the dynamics of the Lowndes family (case study attached) by using the Milan systemic therapy model as well as its strengths and limitations? Also, what are three techniques that can used in counseling the Lowndes family (case study attached).

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The Milan Family System therapy (Selvini, Palazoi, Boscola, Cecchin, & Prata, 1978 as cited in Yeates, 2010 as a counseling treatment grew out of Family System model that became popular in the l960's and 1970). From this perspective, the family is viewed as a functioning unit within the therapeutic process. The Milan Family System model is primarily based upon three principles: hypothesizing, and neutralizing that are utilized to gather information during the interview. Hypothesis is conceptualized as the formulation of a system that is rooted in the therapist's actions (i.e. the therapist guides the process), brings some order to the interview and determines the questioning. Thus, hypothesis is based on the therapist's efforts to make some sense of the problem. For example the therapist may seek to understand how individuals function in relation to each other. The gathered information is significant and "indispensable" in aiding the therapist to make decisions (Brown, 2010).

Theoretically, the principles are utilized to emphasize the use of the Family system's perspective, while in clinical usage, the principles provide techniques that aid the therapist during the counseling process. Circularity provides the therapist the capacity to investigate further what was opened up during hypothesis (i.e., encourages and facilitates feedback). The feedback is the result of the circular questioning focused on different changes within the family system. Finally, the principle of neutrality focuses on the therapist's disposition as he or she ...

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This solution discusses the dynamics of a specific case study using Milan Systemic Therapy.

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