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    Psychology / Psychotropic Medications.

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    Under what circumstances might psychotropic medications be the best treatment choice? What professionals should be allowed to prescribe psychotropic medication? Describe whether general practitioners or other non-psychiatrist medical professionals should prescribe psychotropic medication. Justify your response by referencing ethical standards for the psychology profession.

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    There are several disorders that may require psychotropic medications as the best treatment along with some type of psychotherapeutic counseling. Some of these disorders are Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders such as Post traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder, and other various types of mood disorders. This type of treatment is sometimes necessary for these types of Axis I disorders because they can ...

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    This solution discusses when the use of psychotropic medications would be appropriate to use and who should be allowed to prescribe these medications and why. Two references used are included.