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    Importance of Pharmacology knowledge in a counseling setting

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    Psychopharmacology With Children and Adolescents

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    Even though counselors cannot prescribe medications, they are regularly consulted by clients or a client's family members about the use of medications. This discussion is designed to help you consider some of the issues you may want to address with a parent or guardian of a child or adolescent who is prescribed a psychotropic medication. To develop your response, review the readings and any other resources you have identified.

    For this discussion, consider the following questions.

    What are some of the main things you would want to include in a conversation with the parents or guardians of a child or adolescent who is prescribed a psychotropic medication?
    What is important for you to know about the medication itself?
    When might it be necessary to consult with the prescribing doctor? How would you reach out to the doctor?

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    In my experience as a school psychologist, these are my response to the above questions:

    1. When talking to a parent who seems concerned about their child being prescribed psychotropic medication, I would first try and listen what their concern are about the medication. Often parents may be concerned about the side effects that take place during the initial stage of beginning the course of medication. Most psychotropic medications do not have a set dose and there are often more than one medication for any given mental health condition.
    Another concern parents may have are the long term side effects, the effectiveness of medication and also the stigma associated with being viewed as a mental health patient. They may also have concerns about recovery and if recovery is possible, how long does it take to ...

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    This paper provides a brief overview on some of the factors and concerns on drug prescription in the treatment of adolescents' mental health conditions.