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    Examine the concepts of personal space, privacy, and territorialism. Compare and contrast behavioral difference between human and animal in crowding, territory, privacy, and personal space? How does nature improve the urban environment?Provide examples in your responses. Support your answer with citations and proper APA 6th ed. references

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    Personal space, privacy, and territorialism is apart of our daily lives, and are at times unavoidable. When one thinks of personal space, the individual generally thinks of so many feet in front, behind, and on the side of the individual. If a person is talking to a stranger, usually more space is needed. However, the better a person knows another, then the space becomes smaller. Men love more space than women. For some reason if a relationship is prominent, then the space is much smaller. Regardless, the amount of space is determined on culure as well.

    Privacy is important in regards to the internet and any kind of medical records. A person values this information because they strive to make sure that they do not experience identity theft. Another is that no one ...

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    This solution examined personal space, privacy and territorialism as well as the difference between human and animal crowding.