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    Three Classroom Strategies For Learning Disabilities

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    What are three strategies you may use to teach students with learning disabilities in class and why?

    Think about kids who struggle with comprehension of the written word; students who take a long time to process; students who struggle with small motor skills for writing; students who have something like ADHD where they have a tough time staying focused.

    Then think of how one would deal with that in a classroom. What ways can the teacher help a student comprehend words while reading? Does the student need to have work with words in the context of a "whole language" - learning the word by what it looks like rather than actually phonetically decoding it. Investigate methods that help the student build a visual bank of words or words in context. Can the student understand when something is read to them? Can they follow along in the book while it is being read to them?

    Students who take time to process can be affected by time limits or having large quantities of work. So can the requirements be reduced in some way or can the student go somewhere so they are unaffected by time limits? Can steps be broken down into tiny increments so that the students can build their understanding bit by bit.

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    Update: Three strategies to use to teach students with learning disabilities:

    1. Create a visual environment: Make sure all concepts are presented visually through drawings, diagrams, charts, word frames, flow charts, graphic organizers. All words and auditory instruction should have a visual of some sort attached.

    2. Give the student high quality but less quantity work and more time.

    3. Allow the student to take tests and do work orally - answering the questions but having someone else write the answer.

    I hope this helps.


    Think about kids who ...

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