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    interview questions relating to memory and learning

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    Help with an interview in these areas is given:
    1. Formulate interview questions relating to memory, learning, and intelligence
    2. Formulate interview questions relating to cognition and problem solving.
    3.Formulate interview questions relating to motivation and the effects of gender and culture on Emotions
    4. Formulate interview questions relating to personality.

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    As you formulate possible interview questions relating to memory, learning, and intelligence, please allow some of my model ideas to help.

    1. First, as you formulate interview questions relating to memory, learning, and intelligence, you can use these ideas as a sample to guide you:

    a. Name four memory devices or strategies that you use when learning new information or studying for something. For example, I use chunking, mnemonic devices, loci, kinesthetic movements or songs to learn new material. What do you use to learn and process data?

    b. Please rate yourself in terms of short-term memory with 1 as the lowest and 10 being the strongest. I am pretty sharp and capable as in an 8 in STM, but I am quite low in long term such as 4. How about your long term memory?

    c. How do you place or see the role of emotion upon memory? Are you able to remember emotionally charged events more than others? I, for example, see a clear connection between memory and emotion. For example, I cannot remember many dates well, but the 9/11 tragedy will always resonate due to the massive emotions by media coverage. Emotions are like the glue to my memory and retention.

    d. How do you learn best? What type of learner are you? Visual, movement, sound, etc? I am an auditory and kinesthetic learner. Thus, I also learn best by doing and being actively engaged in the learning or content matter. Since I love to dance and write, I am very verbal and kinesthetic.

    e. Do you prefer learning alone or in groups? Both? I like both. Since I am a social person, I enjoy learning with others and advocate more of Vygotsky's theory of social learning.

    f. What do you feel is the role of punishment or reinforcement in learning?

    g. Do you prefer learning in a quiet or noisy environment? What type of physical environment do you prefer when learning?

    h. How important is the role of feedback for student learning?

    i. Do you feel that intelligence is merely based on IQ? No, I advocate Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligence since I feel that people can possess visual intelligence and serve as artists, ...

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    Possible interview questions related to memory, learning, and intelligence are suggested.