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Techniques and Theories of Secure Attachment

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What kind of advice can you provide to parents to help their child develop secure attachments? Support your posting by applying and citing theory and research related to attachment.

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As you briefly validate what kind of advice can you provide to parents to help their child develop secure attachments, a basic way is to ensure that parents respond to babies' needs consistently and reliably. Responding to babies' needs is advised. Research shows that "Babies are not born with the capacity to self regulate. With their cries, and soon their smiles, they draw attention to their basic needs for nourishment and
protection, and depend on those around them to meet these needs. A parent who consistently responds to a baby's cries to be fed, changed, or comforted provides critical scaffolding for the baby's growing ability to control her own emotions" ...

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This solution briefly addresses some advice and theories to offer parents and caregivers in order to help their children to develop secure attachments. Two research links and 200 words of notes are given to support and citing theories and research related to attachment.

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