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    Critical Development periods (language, bonds, attachments)

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    Investigate the concept of "critical period" -- find online sources and books/articles that discuss the concept in developmental psychology. Do you think there is a "critical period" for (a) learning a second language; (b) attaching or creating an emotional bond to a parent or caregiver? This assignment is primarily asking you for your own thoughts and opinions; you do not need to review the literature in these two areas, but just explore your own thinking on whether or not the idea of a critical period makes sense in your current understanding of human development.

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    Critical Period in Human Development

    In our human development, we go through stages and within these stages are critical periods where experts believe are the primary points where certain things should take place. An example of this has to do with learning a second language and another is the prime period where emotional bonds with parents/caregivers can be created. This idea is supported by fundamental research like that of Erik Erikson whose work on the psychosocial stages of human development categorize the developments taking place in particular stages of life including indications of the essential development within each stage (Erikson identified 8 stages from infancy to twighlight years. The issue in each stage however is this - a person must go through each stage successfully to acquire a healthy personality. McLeod (2008) writes, "Successful completion of each stage results in a healthy personality and the acquisition of basic virtues. Basic virtues are characteristic strengths which the ego can use to resolve subsequent crises. Failure to successfully complete a stage can result in a reduced ability to complete further stages and therefore a more unhealthy personality and sense of self." Both the critical periods about learning a second language and learning how to trust and create bonds begin in stage 1 the stage of 'Trust and Mistrust' according to Erikson. This stage is marked by the crisis of trust and mistrust. According to McLeod ...

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