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Information to gather in an assessment

Identify what information is important to collect during the inital assessment process to make a diagnosis and why. Expalain what methods can be used to collect the data or make ongoing assessment.

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When assessing individuals who have psychological problems, or who are in psychological distress there are many things you will want to know about in order to complete a thorough assessment. A complete assessment will enable you to gain a better understanding of the clients difficulties, which will in turn help you to develop a formulation and where appropriate make a diagnosis. The following is a list of things you will want to know about from the assessment. Hopefully this will give you some ideas - the list isn't exhaustive and the assessment information you want will differ depending on the client group and the service you are working in.

Information to gather in an assessment:

* Background information (history) - a full history of the person is essential, this will help you to gain an understanding of the individual, their way of looking at the world and their early ...

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