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    Youth Gangs: Chicago

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    Class in Chicago it is well known that adult gang members recruit juvenile to commit crimes and tell then that if they are apprehended their sentence will be less harsh that an adults even in the case of murder. The juveniles are very vulnerable to this influence. Some do commit murder. Any thoughts?

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    On Gangs & Youth

    According to Moser (2012), "Chicago has a lot of old, storied gangs. Between 2008 and 2011, the Gangster Disciples were vastly overrepresented in the number of admitted gang members arrested for murder, being the largest gang in the city (the Gang Book estimates 10,000-30,000 members, a high estimate that would give them a population equal to Niles). It's also an old gang, dating back to the 1960s." This means therefore that for the youth in areas where gangs like this persist, membership here is ...

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