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The collective unconscious

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What is Jung's idea of the collective unconscious (what is it, where does it come from, what is its purpose?). Can you help me understand by giving an example of a current application (in the study of personality or in therapy) of the collective unconscious?

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Jung's Collective Unconscious

About Jung's Study

Carl Jung is one of the foremost pillars of psychology as he founded what we now refer to as analytical psychology, a study distinctly different from Freudian analysis in that its main aim is to integrate unconscious forces to motivations that are behind the way human beings behave. At the heart of this is his notion of the 'unconscious mind'. For him, the mind is the 'human psyche' and admitted to the fact that these mysteries of the unconscious could very well be connected to our notion of the human soul. He believed that by seeking to understand psychological phenomenology (ideas and philosophies related to self, identity and sense-making) as well as the relation of notions and significance of dreams, archetypes and mythology to this - it is possible to practice 'depth psychology' - the study of the relationship between the unconscious and the conscious to uncover issues that impact behavior, motivation, actions and thinking as well as to treat psychological and mental issues and disorders.

The Collective Unconscious

The collective unconscious is an important element in Carl Jung's ideas. For him, the mind is divided into different layers/strata as a means of organizing ideas, experience and motivations - the framework not only for thought but human behavior. The conscious mind is the element that human beings are aware of and they can 'control' but the unconscious is that element that, while essential in managing ...

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