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Spiritual Intelligence

If I added another intelligence could another you add a teaching strategy for another intelligence. try naturalist, spiritual, existential, and moral. If you was teaching science and the subject was a unit on the heart.

What is your opinion regarding spiritual intelligence? Would you include this concept within Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence? why or why not?

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Please allow my notes to guide you as you develop your own ideas about the topic of moral or spiritual development. As a science teacher, I feel as though a moral intelligence could be easily integrated into teaching. I think it would be easier, legally, to do a "moral" intelligence as opposed to a spiritual one, as many people have strong and very different religious views. Another problem with a spiritual teaching of any kind is the motivation behind it. For example, the motivation behind a Christian's behavior is to serve God whereas a Morman's motivation lies behind trying to achieve a god-like status via hard work. Taking the motivation out of the teaching leaves a lot to be desired, but is necessary to keep the peace between all the children of various religions in a public classroom. The alternative is to teach every motivation or religion, which is virtually impossible, due to time constraints and due to the numerous religions around the world. However, nearly all religions teach similar morals, such as honesty and kindness. Therefore, helping students develop a moral intelligence is not only possible, but I believe beneficial.

Lawrence Kohlberg is one of the most famous researchers of moral development. I think learning about his research will help you decide the how and why of the possibility of teaching a "moral intelligence." Kohlberg expanded on Piaget's original work, which outlined only two stages of moral development. He divided the process into three levels, with each level being broken down into two stages. The stages are thought to be worked through in order, which young children starting in Level 1, Stage 1, and adults ...

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This solution addresses the pros and cons of adding a spiritual/moral intelligence.