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    Financial Intelligence: Brief Overview and Research

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    Please provide some notes and references on the topic "Financial Intelligence, and explain why it is a critical leadership function."

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    In sum, leadership embodies a "tree" metaphor of sorts since it is comprised of many intricate "leaves," "branches," and "roots," often in the form of when cognitive competencies, emotional and cultural intelligence, social skills, behavioral aptitude, ethical and moral regard, psychological prowess, and even spiritual traits. In order to keep the leadership "tree" grounded and professionally sound, a leader must also possess the important trait of financial intelligence. It is imperative for maintaining both short and long term planning goals as well. Knight (2017) further emphasizes "the importance of learning the language of finance and the benefit of immersing oneself in the organization's income statements. Also mentioned is the need to figure out the metrics by which a company measures success" (p. 2). As a result, financial intelligence enhances one's leadership because it helps to think more critically using ...

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