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Serial Learning

Serial learning involves a list of items that are learned and reproduced in accordance with their sequence of occurrence within the list. What factors impact serial learning? Which one of these factors has the greatest impact? Why? Also provide an example of serial learning that you rely on.

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Serial learning indicates something is being learned in a fixed order or sequence. Thus, a number of items are to be learned, and repeated back in the same manner and order as they were presented. Several factors are involved in serial learning that include the conditions or organization of the items, processing of information, ability to recall and/or to memorize the items on the list (Sternberg, 2006, p. 205). Memory may have the greatest impact. For instance, in their study, Ward, Tan & Grenfell-Essam (2010) showed that free recall (Tan & Ward, 2000 as cited in Ward et al., 2010) could not accommodate the data without further assumptions, because the tendency to initiate recall with ...

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This solution describes factors that impact serial learning.