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Memory:Serial Learning, Primacy and Recency Effects

What is serial learning? Please give examples, preferably from your own life experience. What are the concepts of primacy and recency? Define and explain. How do these concepts relate to list learning? Please apply them to real life situations.

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Serial learning is the recall of things in the order in which they were presented, like learning the alphabet or prayers, and they tend to depend on the cues presented immediately before. For example, if I start saying the alphabet with "a", then "a" cues "b" and "b" cues "c", etc. However, if I start the alphabet at "m" and I don't know it very well, I may need to go through and ...

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Definitions are given, and real life examples of situations in which serial learning, the primacy effect, and the recency effect are used. The concepts are explained as they relate to list-learning (or memorization).