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Individual and Group Orientations

Generally speaking, do you place more value on the well-being of the
individual or the group? When and why do you value individualism? When
and why do you value group orientation?

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I think you'll find that in different situations, individualism and group orientation both have a valuable place in accomplishing a goal. It's normal for people to have an interest in their own well-being, and most of us have a tendency to value our own ideas more highly than those of others. However, a room full of individuals each following their own path of thought may not be able to accomplish a goal the way a united group would.

There are, of course, pros and cons to thinking and acting as an individual. It is possible for a person acting individually to make a more decisive and committed decision than a group could. The problem with that is that the individual might be wrong, and without the influence of the group might be unable to see weaknesses or problems with his / ...

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Discusses the pros and cons of working in a group situation and working as an individual, and some of the thinking problems that might hinder the effectiveness of an individual or group project.