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    Institutionalized and individualized role orientations

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    Examine the ways in which institutionalized and individualized role orientations are developed in your organization or an organization of which you have been a part. Detail your experience and determine which methods were used. How effective were these methods? Have you been the socializing organizational member as well as being the new member?

    Much of the tactics we have experienced are commonly used but not thoroughly examined, discussed or evaluated. Take this opportunity to deconstruct your experiences and examine them with fresh eyes.

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    Organizational Design


    Organizational design is an important part of the organization which forms the mainframe of the organization. It is very essential to effectively transfer the organization culture to the new entrants in the organization. Organization culture is the set of rules and values that controls the activities and interactions of the members of the organization. It is necessary for an organization to maintain its culture and work according to the norms and values of the organization. Organization culture is transferred through two important ways to the new entrants in the organization i.e. institutionalized role orientation and individual role orientation. These are the ways in which the new entrants react to the organization culture.

    Institutionalized Role Orientation

    Institutionalized role orientation takes place when the new employees in an organization are made to accept the same conventional ways of learning and performing activities in an organization as the other existing members do. There are various types of tactics that are used in this type of role orientation like collective, ...

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