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Group Supervision and Issues Amongst Members

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Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on how to address different sexual orientations (LGBT) as the group supervisor? My understanding is the strength of the group comes from the interaction and acceptance of each member. Any thoughts on how to prevent between member issues?

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Group counseling sessions that are comprised of members with various sexual orientations is a very sensitive situation. I agree that the most important role of the helper (counselor/therapist) is to reinforce group cohesion and a non-judgmental environment. This can be a little difficult especially among LGBT youth; however, the group leader has the ability to maintain control of the group and demand respect for eachothers individuals differences.

When counseling groups are made up of both hetero- and homosexual members it is imperative that the group leader assures that members are "bashed" because of ...

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This solution suggests how group leaders can prevent issues between LGBT and non-LGBT group members in counseling.