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Human motivation as it relates to the workplace

1. -- What factors should be considered when setting a goal? (e.g., organizationâ??s needs, time, resources, employee sophistication, and the job need.) Explain your thoughts.

2. -- What is the impact of goal setting on employee motivation? How have you experienced or observed goal setting in action?

3. -- When people face a standard of excellence (e.g., make an A on a test), explain why they experience a mixture of both positive and negative emotions. How have you experienced this phenomenon?

4. -- When you experience cognitive dissonance (e.g., littering, telling a white lie), what does it feel like in terms of motivation and emotion? Put the experience into words (pain? psychological distress? physiological distress?)? Explain and describe.

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Discussion Questions

1. How can intrinsic motivators and extrinsic rewards blend to maximize productivity?

Since intrinsic motivators are feelings of happiness or satisfaction felt on the inside, each individual will do enough work to meet their individual satisfaction level, thus increasing their productivity based on how good they want to feel inside.

Extrinsic rewards usually come in the form of materialistic items, bonuses, days off, plaques. Some companies have goals or ways of tracking productivity in order to present employees with rewards; employee of the month or a special parking place close to the front door assigned each quarter are types of productivity rewards. Employees are aware of the awards and they essential are up and open to every employee regardless of job title to encourage more effective work.

2. How can you integrate rewards given at all levels of an organization into a company-wide reward system?

The easiest way to integrate rewards in a company-wide system at all levels of an organization is to do it on a percentage basis. With employees at different pay scales based on position and responsibilities so are most bonuses and rewards. Instead of a flat-rate or amount, for everyone regardless of position, ...

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