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Gender Differences in Information Processing

Do you agree that there are gender differences in the way we process information? Why or why not? Include examples from real life and/or your research to support your claims.

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There is a number of influences that could contribute to differences in information processing including genetic, neurological, environmental, and learned factors. However, the brain is the first stop in dealing with incoming information and, while there are many similarities between male and female brain, there are also several differences. Below, I will give you some general examples of this but it will be up to you to find and reference any specific research that talks about it.

There is evidence that females have more sensitive senses (the 5 senses) than males, this is likely due to the fact that females need to be more aware of their environment to keep a pregnancy safe. This can affect info processing because pre-pubertal girls are ...

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The gender differences in information processing is examined. Examples for real life research to support your claims are determined.