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Factors Influencing Our Ability to Recall Information

What factors influence our ability to recall information? What strategies can be used to enhance memory?
Do you agree with the statement that "two people generally do not remember the same event in the same way"? Using theories and concepts of memory, explain why or why not?

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There are many reasons that a person may have difficult recalling information. If you are distracted when you are learning the new information, you may never have retained the information long enough to store it into your long-term memory to remember it later, which is called encoding failure (1). The interference theory suggests that some of our memories interfere with other memories, especially, when the information is very similar to other information that was previously stored in our memory. This is one reason why two people may recall the same event two different ways (1).

Retrieval failure is another reason that we may not be able to recall information. ...

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Solution discusses what factors influence a person's ability to recall information, what things can be done to improve and enhance memory, and why two people usually do not remember the same event the same way.