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    Advantages and two main disadvantages of correlational Research

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    2. a. Discuss two main advantages and two main disadvantages of doing correlational research?

    b. Give an example of two variables that you think are negatively correlated with

    each other and explain why you think so.

    3. a. What are three essential characteristics of an experiment?

    b. Why and how is each of these important for the validity of an experiment?

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    Discuss two main advantages and two main disadvantages of doing correlational research?

    The main advantage is that the correlational method permits the researcher to analyze the relationships among a large number of variables in a single study. The correlation coefficient provides a measure of degree and direction of relationship.

    The main disadvantage of correlational research is that a correlational relationship between two variables is occasionally the result of an outside source, so we have to be careful and remember that correlation does not necessarily tell us about cause and effect.

    This could also be seen as an advantage. If we see that two variables seem to be related we can use this as a stepping stone to conduct a strong experiment, however, if the correlational research yields no relationship then there is no need to further investigate the phenomena (like a pre-test)

    Anther disadvantages lies if a complex phenomena is being investigated. ...