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Collectivistic versus an individualistic culture

Please help me to understand that how a person's identity may develop differently in a collectivistic versus an individualistic culture. Then explain how your own identity has been impacted by your culture (collectivistic or individualistic). Finally, explain how your identity might differ if you were raised in the other type of culture.

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Collectivism promotes the theory of cohesion and collaboration and the priority of the group is often more important than that of the individual. An individual's identity can be shaped by this theory by considering how decisions will affect their families or choosing paths in life that will benefit their families or social group over themselves. For example, a recent college graduate might be offered a job out of the state in which they live however, their family depends on them to ...

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A discussion regarding collectivism verses individualism as it relates to culture, including a personal account of how culture and identity have been shaped by these concepts. 338 words.