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    bicultural conflict and individualism versus collectivism

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    Which two will be a better choice
    I was thinking about Bicultural conflict and Ethnic identity.
    1) Individualism versus collectivism
    2) Bicultural conflict
    3) Acculturation
    4) Culture and aggression
    5) Gender identity
    6) Sexual identity/orientation
    7) Racial identity
    8) Ethnic identity
    9) Cultural identity
    10) Religion


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    Let's go with bicultural conflict and individualism versus collectivism. I also attached a resource that expands on the former, some of which this response is drawn for further discussion.


    1. Bicultural conflict

    According to Antonia Darder (1991), "Biculturalism refers to a process wherein individuals learn to function in two distinct socio-cultural environments". Since United States is a melting pot, this concept is important to understand. America has welcomed millions of immigrants for centuries. This means that along with the great numbers of newcomers, many psychological problems present, including bicultural conflict. It is perhaps the most important issue that psychologists study seriously in order to make this country a better place to live. (http://www.chutattien.net/english/BiculturalConflict.htm)

    Bicultural Socialization

    ? Family culture can operate independently from the societal culture
    ? Historically, bicultural socialization was viewed as contributing to a cultural diffuse identity: "I am neither my culture of origin or fully culturally assimilated, thus I am culturally marginalized"
    ? New perspectives view a bicultural competence is a strengths based perspective which assumes mastery and interaction within two cultures
    ? Development Stages of Bicultural Socialization include:

    (1) Experiences Bicultural Conflict (Incongruence between systems)
    (2) Development of coping skills to mediate Conflict
    (3) Bicultural identity formed or residual Bicultural tension or conflict arise

    "Bicultural conflict is inevitable in the process of acculturation. However, the conflict is not detrimental. On the contrary, it helps a great deal in the development of this country. The "dual identity" contributes many interesting traits to this Melting Pot. Many new inventions are perfected with the contribution of other cultural beliefs. In addition, the bilingual or trilingual language, gradually, create confidence to the people who speak two or three languages. They can communicate with the dominant groups as well as with their own community. From the well-established bases of minority communities, new ideas and new inventions are blossomed and make this country prospected faster and better." (http://www.chutattien.net/english/BiculturalConflict.htm)

    See the attached article, some of which the above response is drawn.

    2. Individualism versus Collectivism

    Individualism versus collectivism is especially helpful in understanding cultural differences between people who are from collective cultures (e.g. China) and individualistic cultures (United States). They have very distractive and different ways of perceiving the world and their role in it. This dichotomy is important to psychologists, especially those that work as ...

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