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3 objectives for the target population and the degree of change

We have to write a proposal about homeless people living in their cars and in doing so we have to write 3 objectives for the target population and the degree of change.

Having a hard time making sure that the objectives are not goals.

Target Population - write at least 3 objectives -
Degree of change - write at least 3 objectives -

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I will begin by describing the difference between an objective and a goal.

Goals are where you want to get to (eg- go public; dominate my industry);

Objectives are measurements that tell you if you are attaining your goals (eg- revenue of $100 mm; market share of 55%);

So in other words, you want to have broad goals mentioned (I want to pass my psychology class), but with quantifiable objectives (with an A- in the class).

It is important to separate the two in order to formulate a strong paper. Ideally, each section would contain one goal, and then spend the rest of the time talking about objectives.

Here is how I would formulate the structure of this proposal.

Section 1: Introduction

- Introduce the issue.
- Provide statistics - what percentage of homeless people live in their cars. Is it ...