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Medicine and new age methods

'Slowing the Biological Clock'

review current research on medical, scientific, holistic, and psychosocial ways, including diet, exercise, surgery, and so on, to slow the aging process. synthesize the findings that will focus on the concept of stopping a biologically driven process and prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that answers the following questions:
a. What are the risks and benefits?

B. What are the motivations of those "selling" this idea?

c. What are the consequences to society and to individuals?
d. What are the implications to the provision of human services to the elderly?
e. Create PowerPoint, Introduction and conclusion, Edit, Post presentation.

I have A, C, D, E, but I do not have B.

I need three powerpoint slides on "What are the motivations of those "selling" this idea? (Slowing the Biological Clock)"

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B. What are the motivations of those "selling" this idea?

Medicine and new age methods of slowing down the aging process affects everyone in the medical, body massaging professionals, cosmetic surgery practitioners,, outer beauty maintenance, weight reduction and maintenance diets, healthy living, health and fitness routines, physical training and pharmaceutical companies.

The idea of making people sells it self, because when people see other people getting all these treatments, the people in the business of making people younger looking and beautiful, simply get the opportunity to make people feel that they can ...

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Medicine and new age methods