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    sources of variation in medicine

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    Describe the sources of variation in medicine and how they can affect clinical findings? Discuss the various types of variables in biostatistics?

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    The following points are considered:

    1. Variation in expert opinion: Doctors and physicians do not rely on their own understanding and experience. Even myself as a vet would like to consult other experts in the field for specific cases and purposes. As other physicians of various levels of experiences differ, surely this would somehow affect the diagnosis and analysis of certain clinical case.

    2. Variation due to complexity in the medical knowledge: "Medicine has been identified as a profession for almost 3000 years" (James and Hammond, 2009). As the years go by, more and more knowledge is generated. Bacteria and viruses mutate and thereby diseases both in terms of virulence and pathogenicity.

    3. Variation in physician decision-making potential: Doctors no matter who they are, are different from each other. They depend upon the acquired expertise and the level of confidence they gained through experience, which would likely affect the way they perceive and treat ...

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    This solution discusses sources of variation in medicine and their effects on clinical findings. References are also listed to promote further research.